For travel creators, photo-hoarders, journal-keepers, not-quite-bloggers - or simply those who don't know what to do with themselves in lockdown. Share your travel stories, and inspire others with armchair adventures through COVID 19! Currently open for early testing.

What's armchair adventures?

We'll let this 42-second video do the talking.


Armchair Adventures is a #WFH project by the team at Travis - an early-stage travel startup based in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to make modern travel easy for the digital generation. But what we didn't account for was the impact of COVID-19 on travel in the foreseeable future. So we are changing up how we continue to explore, connect and learn from new people and places in this new normal, and Armchair Adventures is the result of that. Try our prototype, share your feedback - together we can build something new.

Say hi at hello@travistravis.co